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Apartment, Florencia
FLORENCIA, Tuscany, Italy
Apartment 4 person(s), 2 room(s), 1 bedroom945 € / wk.
Reference number FR-3616
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Characteristics Apartment, 4 plus person(s)
2 plus room(s) with 1 bedroom(s) Balcony, Shower, Bedlinen provided, Electric heating, Internet, Microwave, Towels included, Swimming pool, Telephone, Television
Rental Tuscany, Italy
Further information The Leonardo XVI Apartment in Florence

Live an unforgettable Tuscan experience! Relax your body and soul in this fantastic apartment within a Villa with swimming pool, just 40 minutes away from the center of Florence

The Leonardo XVI apartment is one of 8 service apartments located in a beautiful and recently renovated Tuscan villa, just 40 minutes away from Florence and Siena, just 15 minutes away from Arezzo. The villa was originally a beautiful XVI century stone mill and it is surrounded by a park, a pine forest and a fantastic swimming pool (open from May till September).
The location is ideal, situated near many beautiful villages and hilltowns of Tuscany, in an area which captured the imagination of Leonardo da Vinci for many of his paintings. It will allow you to visit the nearby cities of Art but also to discover the traditional food and wine routes of this faboulous territory.
Unwind in the fantastic swimming pool, relax in the nearby garden, enjoy the coziness of this exclusive accommodation. The Leonardo XVI apartment is a very special place for an unforgettable vacation!

The area surrounding the apartment:

The Leonardo XVI apartment can boast a strategic location to easily reach the most important Tuscan sites: Florence, Siena, Arezzo, San Gimignano and the Chianti area.

The apartment is located in a small Tuscan village which is situated 60 km south of Florence, so the historical center of the city of Renaisance can be reached within 40 minutes by car. Just 70 km away you will also find the extraordinary city of Siena where you can see some of the purest examples of Italian Gothic architecture. And it takes only 15 minutes by car to reach Arezzo, a must-visit town to admire, among other things, the stupendous fresco cycle by Piero della Francesca in the church of San francesco.

Sports and nature lovers will enjoy biking or trekking through the beautiful and seductive countryside. Within the immediate area of the apartment you can find various excellent restaurants, supermarkets, banks and horse riding facilities. A natural thermal spa is also only 40 minutes away. And you do not have to go too far (only 20 minutes by car) to reach the shopping paradise i.e. the outlets of Prada, Gucci, Armani, Ungaro e Tod’s where you can buy last season’s item at more than 50% discount. Last but not the least, we recommend not to miss a visit to one of the nearby wineries, where you can sample classic Italian wines and take an Italian cooking class. The “A. Vespucci” Florence international airport is about 65 km away, 40 minutes by car.

The Leonardo XVI apartment is an excellent logistic base for those who are looking for a quite retrieve in the Tuscan countryside but at the same time want to enjoy the excitement of Florence as well as easy day trips to other cities of Tuscany.

The apartment:

At the Leonardo XVI apartment you will relax with style and a sense of serenity that is characteristic of this lovely area of Tuscany. The apartment is located in a charming red Villa which has been beautifully restored onto 10 large and nicely appointed apartments.

This special one bedroom apartment is located on the first floor (although the entrance door is on the ground floor) and its romantic rooms are furnished with a mix of elegant and comfortable furnishings. Softly muted shades of earth tones are used throughout the apartment, to nicely complement the dark wooden floors. Spacious rooms and intimate atmosphere make this apartment very charming and luxurious and at the same time as comfortable as your own home.

The bright living room, which develops around an enchanting fire place, includes a double sofa bed (only recommended for children) suitable for the third and fourth guests and a dining table with four chairs. The open kitchen is functional and fully equipped to prepare anything from a simple breakfast to a romantic dinner. From the living room you can access the fantastic 50m2 private terrace which provides the perfect excuse for a sunny outdoor breakfast or a romantic dinner al fresco…. The master bedroom accommodates a fabulous canopy double bed and a wardrobe for guests’ belongings. Finally, the elegant and spacious bathroom features two basins and a oversize shower unit to enhance your relaxation.

The villa also has a laundry room as well as a large dining hall where guests can, on request, have their breakfast prepared for them. In the garden between roses, lavender, pine and fruit trees, one can admire the magic of colors and the peace of the Tuscan landscape. The swimming pool, which overlooks the surrounding land, is equipped with deckchairs and umbrellas and will be the ideal setting for your summer days.

This incredible apartment is equipped with central heating, electric fans in all rooms, satellite TV and internet connection to provide its guest with a luxury stay. A daily cleaning service from Monday to Saturday (except Sunday and bank holidays) is included as well as twice weekly towels changing to guarantee you a truly relaxed holiday.

The location and the timeless atmosphere of the apartment will be the ideal setting for an unforgettable special occasion; be it a family reunion or a gathering of friends. This is the place where memories are made.
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